VCF-E 2023 report

Posted by Maki on Tuesday, April 18, 2023

vcf-e 2023 was 4/14-16 this year. Again at InfoAge in Wall NJ.

I had an Omron Luna 88k running OpenBSD 7.2 and a MVME-187C running Sys/V 88k. A laptop running OpenBSD-luna on an emulator called nono and a NCD-88k xTerm that didn’t boot. I also did a talk on Friday morning about Verifiable Credentials(link to come later). It was alot of work to exhibit but worth it to hear people say “I’d never seen a Omron Luna” or “I’d never thought I’d see a Luna here!” I was also able to catch up with old friends, and even make some new friends. Thanks Will, Grant, Ian, Ayal, Boisy, Alistair, James, Patrick, the two guys from Pittsburgh with PERQ shirts, and many others for stopping by.