Tektronix XD88 - Part 2

Repair of XD88 power supply and serial console... read more

Continuing work on Ghidra Processor module for m88k

I got to a point where I could disassemble the ROM that I wanted to, and I lost .... read more

Tektronix XD88 - Part 1

Powered on the XD88 and confirmed it working... read more

Hello World on the NCD XTerm

Hello World on the NCD 88k XTerm... read more

Notes on getting nono working with Ubuntu 22

I collected my notes for using nono with Ubuntu 22.... read more

Getting started on Ghidra Processor module for m88k

Ghidra is an amazing reverse engineering tool. Of course it doesn't support the m88k yet.... read more

VCF-E 2023 report

I exhibited a Luna 88k and a MVME-187C... read more

Getting Started Back Up

Ok it's been over 15 years since I took down the site... read more